Monday, September 12, 2011

New and Improved--A letter to the congregation

It's a term that gets used way too much by anyone wanting to sell something but I can't help but think that it is appropriate to say that our church just feels "new and improved". It is nothing I have done but I have seen first-hand a change in people around here. It seemed to reach a high point yesterday and maybe it was just worshiping in the small building and having the ordinance of baptism but I felt an enthusiasm and a closeness to a degree I don't think I had felt before.

After our lunch in the big building, I just sat there and watched people as they laughed and ate and had a good time but I also saw over and over again people helping other people; some fixed hamburgers, some cleaned up, many times I saw somebody take somebody else's empty plate to the kitchen. I also saw a few people take their own empty plate to the kitchen and bring it back full again but that's ok especially since we had plenty. But what I saw time and time again was people just being servants.

It's Biblical to be servants but I've noticed in my life that it never happens without a change of heart. You can't fake it for very long and I saw true servants at our church Sunday and it made me excited! I normally send out a Friday email but since I missed this past Friday I just wanted to share these observances with you in the hopes of encouraging you today. If it's been a typical Monday you probably need some encouragement and you will need some more in a few days. May I recommend (read this in your best announcer voice) FBC Runaway Bay? It's new and improved!

I love you all, Todd

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